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You can always find something to do at Snerikes! Dancing, singing, theatre, parties, magazines and getting involved in any of our restaurants. Above all this, it’s a place for having a good time.

Getting involved in Snerikes is one of the best things you can do with your time in Uppsala! At Snerikes you will meet friends for life. From all around the globe.

Snerikes is a meeting place for students from many different departments at Uppsala University, as well as for students from different parts of the world. The goal of Uppsala and Snerikes Nation is to make your stay here a truly memorable experience; the student life in Uppsala has much to offer and Nations play a big part in it.

Life here is much more than exams, books and long nights in the library. When you enter the nation house, leave all your stress from studying at the door. Here you can enjoy a good lunch, coffee, beer or dinner – or help cooking and serving them! You can play soccer or theatre, sing or play an instrument, hit the dance floor or experience the glamorous side of the nation by getting dressed up and enjoying a unique gasque.
All the nations’ activities are created by students – for students, so don’t hesitate to be a part of it! We have put together a short introduction to what Snerikes nation has to offer.

If you have any questions concerning the nation, or if you just want to talk to someone who knows about the joys and fears of being a student in Uppsala, don’t hesitate to e-mail us.

Erik & Samuel

You can join our nation in the little grey house next to our pink castle (follow the signs saying ”Inskrivning”), where we will help you to sign in and answer all your questions.

Bring the membership fee of 260 kronor, and another petty 55 kronor if you want to join the student union, your letter of admittance and your p-number.

See the link below for opening hours. Look for ”Mottagningstid” or ”Inskrivning”

Once again, welcome to Uppsala and Snerikes Nation!



As the International Secretaries of Snerikes Nation we’re proud to present a totally amazing program for you who are so called “reccar” at the nation. (You are a recce for your first year at the nation (and the university) and it means something along the lines of first-year student.)

Don’t let this opportunity slip or you might end up regretting it for the rest of your life! The Recce Package includes six unforgettable events, planned to give you the ultimate nation experience!

The events included in the Recce Package is:

Recce Reception

The Recce Reception is your first introduction to the nation. Before the event your Snerikes buddy will invite you for a pre-drink with your recce-group. Later on, at the nation, there will be a mini fair, where you’ll get the chance to sign up for clubs and activities and get to know more about what the nation has to offer. The fair is followed by an informal dinner where we’ll teach you all the weird stuff we do at a gasque (like biting our songbooks, waving napkins in the air when the orchestra plays, start ball-room dancing in the middle of the dinner, and so on) .

Recce Gasque

Learn how to gasque! The Recce Gasque is your first gasque, and targeted solely to new members of the nation. A gasque is formal dinner party, but don’t be fooled and think that means boring. The gasques are Uppsala’s student life in a nutshell, and the Recce Gasque is the perfect introduction to your life as an Uppsala student. The dress code is formal; suits for guys and cocktail dresses for girls, so suit up and get ready for an amazing three-course dinner with drinks, songs and schnapps!

Recce Pub Crawl

Get to know all the nation pubs! Goal for the night: survive all 13 nations. A great way to get to know where all of the nations, and their pubs, are. Have one of the more rare beers at Uplands or enjoy a whiskey at GH – all nations have their specialties. Learn where to get what to make the most of your Uppsala experience. When 13/13 is done it’s time to crawl back to Snerikes, and dance the night away!

Songbook Party

At Snerikes we love to sing, and this year we have a new songbook! This is a festive dinner event where you’ll get to sing as loud as you can – in Swedish! Under the song masters guidance you’ll master the nation’s traditional songs and all movements that come with them. Learn when you’re supposed to bang the table, stand on the chairs or when to make a hat out of your napkin!

Open Castle (open house) – spring semester only

The open castle is an open house. Meet all representa­tives of the nation, clubs and associations. Try standing in the bar, play impro-theatre or play the trumpet – the nation has something for everyone.

Landskap II

The landskap is where we make all important decisions and elections.

With the package you get dinner and drinks after both of these events for free!

Summer/winter Surprise

An event solely for you with the recce package! What, when and where will be a surprise. But we promise a fun time and a great end to the semester.

The whole package costs 500 kr and guarantees you a spot at these events that sell out quickly. There are also a limited number of spots for the Recce Gasque alone for 300 kr, and the Recce Reception for 100 kr.

Dates spring 16

Recce Reception, February 5th

Recce Gasque, February 13th

Recce Pub Crawl, February 23rd

Songbook Party, March 4rd

Open Castle (open house), March 11th

Landskap II, April 4th

Spring Surprise,


The Library

Snerikes library is located in the Stavenowska villa, the white building behind the nation house just up the hill. The library has reading areas, group rooms and text books for several courses. You can also find fiction books in both Swedish and English. Take advantage of www.nationsbibliotek.se to search through our catalogue.

You can read the opening hours here. Check for ”Biblioteket”

Aktuellt – the nation’s magazine

Do you like editing, writing or photographing? Would you like to write for a magazine? Join the Aktuellt and bring your ideas and visions to life! No previous experience required!

IF Trikadien – the Sports Club

Do you want to play ball sports, beerpong or do you just want to have a good time with others with whom you can share your interest in all kinds of sports? Join IF Trikadien, also called ”Tricken”. We also have other activities than sports, for example the Tricken Pub, the Race around the Horse, and a great party. If you have any questions or want to join the sports club, you should contact us!

The Theatre Group

Interested in playing theatre? We meet every Thursday evening (18-20h) for improv. We also perform several plays every semester. If you want to meet nice people and learn Swedish, the theatre group is for you! Beginners are very welcome!

Hornboskapen – The Horned Cattle Brass Band

Welcome to the orchestra Hornboskapen (HB for short) at Södermanlands-Nerikes nation. According to some people, HB is the oldest student orchestra in the world. It was founded as early as 1843. Today, however, we are more alive than ever.

HB is a brass band which also includes piccolas and percussion. We have a varied repertoir, but we mainly play marches, old, popular Swedish songs, jazz and German “oumpah, oumpah.” We perform at a variety of occasions, such as balls and gasques, Tiroler evenings and at different companies’ parties. We are open to suggestions!

The arrangement of the band is as follows: Piccolo, cornet in E flat, trumpet, horn, tenor trombone, tuba and percussion. If you play any of these instruments, you are more than welcome to pick up this instrument and join us! If you don’t have an instrument we can lend you one!

Don’t hesitate! Your time in Uppsala will be given further dimensions if you join Hornboskapen. As an extra bonus, your friends will all be envying the elegant jacket you will be wearing when playing in the band.We are looking forward to seeing you in ”tornrummet!”

The Choir

The Södermanlands – Nerikes nation choir has existed in its present form since the 1970s. But singing has always been a vital part of the nations most appreciated entertaining activities.

The choir’s main task is to perform during the gasques but also at smaller nation parties, and tries to make something special out of every performance. But the choir offers more than just singing. It has its own famous sittings during the gasques, along with some events outside the nation.

Many of the songs are non-Swedish, which makes it easy for international students to join the choir. To be able to sing some of the most known Swedish songs is also a privilege and a pleasant way to learn some Swedish.

The Snerike choir is very popular among the nation members and the queue for membership is extremely long. As a foreign student you will have the exclusive opportunity of passing the queue, and of joining the choir as soon as there is a free place!

Read more on the choir-page