We’ve been around since 1595

Who are we?

Snerikes nation is one of the most popular places for students in Uppsala. Every week there’s a well-visited nightclub, Tuesdays by Snerikes and a monthly extra club. On weekdays and Saturdays the bistro serves quality food with student friendly prices. There are regular gasques and balls where you get the chance to dress up and party like royals. We also have Extracurriculars like a choir, library and sports club.

Membership gives you free entry to every club, access to nation activities, special events for Internationals and more. Also as a member of the nation you can visit all 12 other nations in Uppsala.

If you haven’t already received our program or information leaflet for this semester you can find it here.

How do I join?

As an International student you join the nation by making a visit.
The office is located in the smaller gray building next to the main pink one. (Address below)
Bring your proof of admittance to the university, t-number (temporary number) and credit card or cash.

Membership cost per semester is 260 SEK

You will receive a temporary nationcard so you can visit all the nations right away!
Plastic nationcard typically arrives in two weeks.

Don’t forget to join our Facebook group for this semester!

  • Letter of admittance

  • T-number

  • Card or Cash

  • Make a visit!

Please write us an email with any questions you might have!

Your international secretaries,
Astrid Åkerberg, Peter Border & Lachlan Manning